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Recruit a friend. It is always better to have a buddy help you set up your profile, as they will have a better idea of your strengths to highlight. They can also help you collect your profile pictures. Mostly, you will have more FUN with a friend going through this with you. You can share stories afterwards, even make up friendly competitions to encourage you both forward.

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It’s all about the pictures. You’ve gotta have GREAT pictures to be out in front of the competition online. I always recommend four:

  • 1 which is a basic headshot, so she can get a clear idea of your face;
  • 1 of you ‘in your element’ (so, if you’re a hiker, a shot of you in the wilderness);
  • 1 of you with GIRLS (women friends, sister(s) etc);
  • 1 of you dressed up and out socially (office party, wedding, bar mitzvah, wherever).

How to find an no strings hookup

Funny headline. A pic and a humorous headline are critical. Please don’t be boring from the start! What impression does this create in the mind of a woman? Not a good one.

Be unconventional, and surprising, avoid the obvious.

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Sincerity and vulnerability. At some point in the course of the profile, you will be able to write a bit about yourself. Feel free to mix in some truth with the humor. If you’re afraid of something, mention that. If you’re just getting “back out there”, mention that. If you’re terrible at dancing, mention that. Endear yourself by revealing that you are human.

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First date, not a date. The first date is not a REAL date, OK? The first date is basically when you are introduced to the girl. The second date is really the first date. So, keep your first ‘real-life encounter’ short and sweet. I always like to ask girls out for tea and dessert, for example.

These are just the basics, OK? Getting these handled is super easy and you can do it TODAY. I keep it simple here on the site so you can get fast-acting value right away. If you want to learn more from me, see the box below my signature where you can sign-up for my mailing list.